EP34 – The Robbie Williams Interview

We start 2023 with the best that the New Year could bring – with Robbie Williams himself on the podcast, for our biggest episode yet!

Robbie chatted to us for two hours! We discussed his tattoos, writing songs for his children, Lufthaus, the XXV tour and album, when he hopes to release his new studio album as well as the next UTR album and what his fans mean to him. We play the Robbie World Cup to find out which of his albums is his favourite and Robbie answers some questions from listeners.

You really don’t want to miss this! It’s an interview by fans for the fans!

Enjoy some sneak previews below!!

We will release this on our podcast as an audio version first, and in the future we will release a video version on our YouTube channel – so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned!

Available on all major podcast providers on 4th January 2023!

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EP34 – The Robbie Williams Interview Robbie Williams Rewind

Released on 25th December 2022
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Released on 4th January

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