join the show

We would love you to be a part of the show!! There are a couple of ways to get involved…

You can record a short audio story
We invite you to record your own short (1-3 mins) audio story that might be featured on a relevant future episode. It could be about a Robbie gig you went to, a meet and greet, your favourite song, your favourite album, or anything that connects you to Robbie and his solo career. Use your phone and an audio recorder app (e.g voice memos on iPhone/iPad), ideally with a headset (wired or Bluetooth) in a non-echoey room. Then email your audio file to and we will review it.

You can also apply to be a special guest on the show
We are always interested to hear from fans anywhere in the world who would like to join us as a special guest on the Robbie Williams Rewind Podcast! Let us know why you would make a great special guest and what you would like to talk about? We record each episode with a focus on either an album (including tours) or the the album’s B-sides. Don’t worry – we manage and help you with the technical stuff required for recording. All episodes are recorded in English, so we need you to speak reasonably fluent English.
Please send us your application and/or a short audio story at

We look forward to hearing from you! Many thanks, Matt & Lucy x
PS: you can always join the conversation on our social channels as well!