She’s Madonna

Robbie released She’s Madonna 16 years ago today!

Written by Rob, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe from the Pet Shop Boys and produced by the PSB. This was the 3rd single released from Rudebox. It got to No.16 in the UK, 2 in the Netherlands, Croatia and Czech Republic, 3 in Belgium, Italy and Spain, 4 in Denmark and Germany. It went gold in Germany and Denmark.

Neil Tennant said, “Robbie had this idea about writing a song about Madonna. He had the lyric for the chorus, ‘I love you baby, but you can’t understand, she’s Madonna’. And I had a line, ‘I don’t miss you, just who you used to be.’ It came together very quickly.”

Rob said, “To be writing this album and having my heroes work with me feels phenomenal. I played Tour De France by Kraftwerk and said, “I like this, can we do something like this, but not much like this,” but then everything else came together pretty quickly. In case anyone asks…there is nothing tongue in cheek about this song at all, I have always fancied Madonna. I’d have hoped for it to be this good, but you can never tell before venturing into the studio. It is just a bonus that it worked out so well.”

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