Robbie Williams – Through the eyes of America with Perez Hilton

As a special treat on Robbie Williams birthday (13th February), we have an exclusive interview with the one and only celebrity blogger, columnist, and media personality Perez Hilton!! Perez admits he doesn’t just appreciate Robbie, he LOVES him! Hear Perez’s perspective on Robbie’s fame in America, and why he’s such a genuinely big fan.  Enjoy!

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In this VERY SPECIAL episode we have a very special guest fan joining us live from Hollywood USA, none other than Perez Hilton!! And for those of you who don’t know, Perez Hilton describes himself as the internet’s most notorious gossip columnist.

The LA Times calls Perez, “like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and Life & Style all rolled into one sweet yet snarky, sagacious yet salacious gay man.”

Since launching in 2004, — originally named– has become one of the leading go-to sites for celebrity news garnering over 300 million hits a month, and 5.5million Twitter followers, Perez is the Editor-in-Chief and sole owner of

He also wrote two best selling books in 2009, “Perez Hilton’s Red Carpet Suicide” and “Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories”. Later in 2020, he released “TMI: My Life in Scandal”. Perez also hosts the Perez Hilton podcast with co-host Chris Booker.

And some of our UK listeners will remember Perez’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018 – what a year that was!!

Most of all Perez is a massive Robbie Williams fan, and fan of the Robbie Williams Rewind Podcast! Enjoy this exclusive interview – Robbie Williams: From the Eyes of America with Perez Hilton.