Ep. 26 – The Heavy Entertainment Show (Part 1)

We’re joined by Karen from Wales, who helps us rewind through the first half of The Heavy Entertainment Show album, including Party Like A Russian, Love My Life, Mixed Signals and all the tracks up to Sensitive. Karen describes what it was like to be at a VERY intimate radio recording for this album and explains what happened when Robbie borrowed her Welsh flag at a Cardiff concert.  

We also discuss some of Rob’s promo gigs for the album including the Apple Music Festival, the Brit Icon show at the Troxy, New Year’s Eve 2016 on the BBC, and the Heart and Magic Radio gigs.  (Make sure you scroll down for some extra special links and content!)

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EP26 – The Heavy Entertainment Show (Part 1) Robbie Williams Rewind

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The Heavy Entertainment Show – Track Listing (Part 1)

  1. “The Heavy Entertainment Show”
    Robbie Williams, Guy Chambers, Chris Heath
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦
  2. “Party Like A Russian”
    Robbie Williams, Guy Chambers, Chris Heath
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦
  3. “Mixed Signals”
    Robbie Williams, Ronnie Vannucci Jr, Mark Stoermer, Dave Keuning
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦ follow this link to see all 3 video endings on our Instagram! ¦
  4. “Love My Life”
    Robbie Williams, Gary Go, Johnny McDaid
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦
  5. “Motherfucker”
    Robbie Williams, Tim Metcalfe, Flynn Francis
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube (Live) ¦
  6. “Bruce Lee”
    Robbie Williams, Stuart Price
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦
  7. “Sensitive”
    Robbie Williams, Stuart Price, Jackson Guthy
    ¦ apple ¦ spotify ¦ youtube ¦
Video: Rob spots Lucy & Matt at the Heart Gig 2016 (at 3mins)
The Chocolate Orange moment!
“Lucy?” [Handshake] “Mr Champion?” [Handshake]
(Credit: angelnandobeauty)

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